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Artesolar is quality saving service innovation in led lighting.

Lighting studing

Why changing over to Artesolar LED lighting?

Customer Support

Through our technical office.

Lighting solutions

indoor and outdoor lighting stock

Team sales

For a personalized assist.

2 levels range

Profesional lighting and generic lighting.

Product design

We´re innovatives and always at the forefront of developments.

High rotation products

Simply store.


For a fastness distributions.


Our products have warranty until 5 years.


Our commitment is to adapt to business, offering very competitive prices.
Firms of the international scene have homologated ARTESOLAR products.
This allows us adapting us to the needs of every project.

Artesolar manufactures supplies LEDs to provide a most efficient illumination to our clients

Thousands of customers already save up to an 80 % in their invoice with Artesolar LED.